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Independents for Bristol candidates for the May elections

Dawn Parry confirms she'll fight Bristol West as Independent.

A Bristol woman, Dawn Parry, will be fighting Bristol West as an Independent prospective parliamentary candidate in May's general election. Parry has confirmed she left the Conservatives after 6 years and having fought Newport for David Cameron's party in 2010. "Like most of the nation, I felt I'd been conned by the Tories and their promises of the NHS being safe in their hands and that we were "all in it together". That Britain is a tax haven for the world's richest is shameful when our vulnerable would starve without foodbanks and volunteers."

Dawn Parry is a successful business and social entrepreneur, currently engaged with a company that provides the technology to reduce pollution from diesel engines. She’s lived in Bristol since being a teenager - for nearly 36 years.  Both her sons were born in St Michael's Hospital.  Dawn's husband John is a local maths teacher.  Her family also have businesses in Bristol.


The former North Somerset Conservative councillor has joined forces with “Independents for Bristol”.  

As an entrepreneur, Dawn was wooed by the Conservative Party in 2006. As a councillor she rarely ever voted with the leader and party on issues affecting residents, children or other social and welfare issues.

In 2010 she stood as Conservative Parliamentary Candidate in Newport.  She defected to become an Independent because she felt conned by the Tories and the Con-Dem Government, feeling that their "caring, compassionate Conservatives" image was in fact nothing short of dishonest.

Stephen Perry, the chair of Independents for Bristol says “when we originally formed our umbrella organisation we had planned helping independent candidates standing for Bristol City Council.  But now that Dawn has come along we just couldn’t say no to such a talented candidate so deeply committed to the interests of Bristol.” 

Dawn’s own rich and varied life experiences have made her the woman, mother and campaigner that she now is. She grew up in Greece (her father was a film director, her mother an artist), then moved to Singapore at the age of 5.  But then all of a sudden her comfortable world evaporated after her parents’ divorce and led to a new life in South Wales (in the Rhondda), where she saw abject poverty, barriers to aspirations, and limited options for people.


Dawn is likely to make a significant impact on the election and is determined to increase the voting shares achieved in six of the eight wards in the constituency where we have fielded candidates.  In the past two years our local government candidates took over 11% of the vote in the Ashley, Bishopston, Clifton, Easton, Lawrence Hill and Redland wards.

You can follow Dawn on Twitter @DawnParry